Uri: The Surgical Strike 2019 Hindi Movie

Uri: The Surgical Strike 2019 Hindi Movie

Uri chronicles the events of the surgical strike conducted by the Indian military against the suspected militants in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). It tells the story of the 11 tumultuous events over which the operation was carried out.

Name:  Uri: The Surgical Strike 
Release date: 11 January 2019 (India)
Director: Aditya Dhar
Budget: 45 crores INR
Producer: Ronnie Screwvala

Gully Boy full movie 720p download

Gully Boy full movie 720p download

"Gully Boy" is a film about a 22-year-old boy "Murad" (Ranveer Singh) from a ghetto in Mumbai, India. The son of a driver, his parents worked hard to get him educated so that he could have a white-collar job. Meanwhile, Murad realizes his calling to be a rapper. Authentic Hip Hop in India is a recent phenomenon and like anywhere else in the world, is rising from the streets. Art is a distant dream for the colonized poor of India and this story is about Murad's journey from realizing his love for rap and chasing his dream to inadvertently transcending his class. The film showcases street rap from the crevices of Mumbai's by lanes. The poetry is conscious of the city's socio-economic fabric and highlights the challenges faced by the disenfranchised youth in the minority population.

Release date: 14 February 2019 (India)
Director: Zoya Akhtar
Music director: Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy
Producers: Zoya Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani
Size: 1.4Gb
Language:  Hindi 

released theatrically on 14 February 2019


Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga - 2019

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga - 2019

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga - 2019

Full Name - Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

Language - Hindi
Runtime  - 2h 1m
Quality -  HD
Director - Shelly Chopra Dhar

Regina prophetess, WHO contend the love interest of Sonam Kapoor in "Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga" was earlier in 2 minds for selecting up this supply because it was not a quintessential film.
The film chronicles the romance of Sweety (Sonam) and Kuhu (Regina) as they struggle to search out acceptance in family and society.
"I had liked the story when I heard it. The only reason why I had to think about it for a long time is that it was my first Hindi film and I was looking at doing something in Bollywood for a little while.
"The concern was that it's not your illustration screenland debut. 99 per cent people have made their debut with a hero-heroine kind of a film so that was the only thing. We did go little back-and-forth," Regina told PTI.
The actor said she did not have any fear of getting typecast. "I look forward to doing author-backed roles."
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga - 2019

Regina, who has been acting in south films, was to make her debut initially with the sequel to Amitabh Bachchan starrer "Aankhen". The actor same she wasn't disturbed once the film didn't endure floors as per the schedule.
"I am doing films since fourteen thus I even have mature up learning and deciding things. At the age of twenty-eight, it is not too much of a surprise or shock. It is part and parcel of your work life. You learn how to say ok and let's move on to the next thing," she added.
She said there are so many big projects that get shelved with big stars even in the south.
Regina has acted in the main in Tamil and Telugu movies and she or he is hospitable the thought of acting in several language films.
Talking about what brings her to Bollywood she said, "I would like to act in more languages. Hindi includes a larger platform in terms of films being showcased. There are a lot of nice filmmakers and stories. The people here like to reinvent themselves. I do believe with time one has to keep changing."

A Dog's Way Home 2019 Movie Free Download HD

A Dog's Way Home 2019 Movie Free Download HD

Full Name: A Dog's Way Home
Size: 695 MB
Quality: HD Cam
Genres: Adventure, Family
Release Date: 11 January 2019
Language: English
Cast: Ashley Judd, Jonah Hauer-King, Edward James Olmos

A Dog's Way Home 2019 Movie Free Download 720p So on the off chance that you can be grown-up enough to disregard the motivation and generalizations and appreciate a pleasantly paced (no moderate parts) family film reminiscent of ‘Toward home Bound’ without the brazenness, do as such. Take the youngsters or grandchildren and you’ll leave aloof from the flick the style during which motion footage like this is relied upon to abandon you – glad, cleaning forever and ever one or two of cheerful tears, and everyone the remaining details engaged in an exceeding bow. I realized what it had been going into it and it didn’t baffle. I’ll take creatures over excellent many folks quickly. I ne'er discovered any of the items these completely different surveys indicate to. I was engaged. I cried. I chuckled. I came back home and embraced my 2 yank Staffordshire Terriers tight. Much duty-bound to you for this motion picture.Can’t settle for there would be a negative audit on this. Took my multi-year recent and he or she appreciated the complete issue, as did I. Audits with any documented legislative problems are terribly shut rejected of commentators. This includes a noticeably sent exalting journey. Fun film, nice story, people over seasoning it. Incredible for family (the absence of family films this can be filling a good spot). I took my younger relative, she commemorated, I detected the 2 grown-ups and children chuckling, yes there are some genuine scenes but on the other hand it’s that exercise in life about harassers and how individuals beat them. There’s a solitary “PC” scene however it didn’t hassle an ultra-traditionalist like Maine since it had been done well UN agency. Great film, great message. Take a goose at it for what it's, a vibe decent motion picture with an extraordinary glad ending. I accept there are very numerous sceptics and naysayers in the cinemas. This was a perfect story, notably on the off probability that you simply care for hounds, felines, natural life and people. There was virtually nothing amiss with the characters, depiction our restoring Veterans’ quandary within the gift society, and ways that of the lifetime of the puppy’s promoters. Love will be love, period. Individuals United Nations agency felt there was a political set-up ar genuinely thunderstruck. Get a grip, people. First and first I will say that “A Dog’s Way Home” is a wonderful film! Nonetheless, in the event that you are contemplating taking your young one to see if I would propose seeing it at home first instead of in a theatre. There are a couple of scenes in it that are really dim, lead your young one to make inquiries that you need to reply, 
A Dogs manner Home 2019 motion picture Free transfer 720p BluRay HD 720, Free-motion picture transfer A Dogs manner Home, A Dogs manner Home Film A Dogs manner Home 2019 motion picture transfer Free from Movies Counter

A Dog's Way Home Review

A DOG'S manner house is A FINE FAMILY-FRIENDLY journey concerning MAN'S supporter, touching identical EMOTIONAL CHORDS AS (BETTER) MOVIES THAT CAME BEFORE.

A Dog's Way Home, like 2017's A Dog's Purpose before it, is based on the same-named novel by W. Bruce Cameron. Released in 2012, A Dog's manner Home options an easy narrative a couple of lost dog finding her manner home. This type of storyline has been explored on the big screen before, perhaps most notably in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (itself adapted from the novel The Incredible Journey written by Sheila Burnford). A Dog's manner house is a fine family-friendly journey concerning man's supporter, touching identical emotional chords as (better) movies that came before.

A Dog's Way Home tells the story of Bella (voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard), a part pit bull puppy who's born underneath a mostly demolished house in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. She's reclaimed someday by a person named movie maker (Jonah Hauer-King), United Nations agency raises her and trains her in numerous totally different games. Bella additionally bonds with Lucas's mother, Terri (Ashley Judd), a military veteran comfortable by the presence of Bella. Lucas, who works at the local VA center where his mother attends therapy, brings Bella with him one day and the dog also bonds with the members of Terri's group therapy. However, when Bella is caught outside Lucas's home by a vengeful animal control officer, she's impounded and labeled a pit bull - which are banned in Denver. If Bella's caught once more, movie maker is told, she'll be euthanized.

Lucas sends Bella to live with family of his friend Olivia (Alexandra Shipp) in New Mexico while he looks for a home outside the Denver city limits for himself and Bella. However, Bella is decided to search out her own manner back to movie maker and someday escapes from the house in NM, heading home to state capital. The 400-mile journey takes Bella through the range as she travels from NM to Colorado. She's confronted with many dangerous situations, but she also meets a number of human and animal friends along the way, including a young orphaned bobcat that Bella takes under her wing. Despite the challenges and temptations of staying in one place along her route, though.
A Dog's manner house is tailored to film by Cameron and author Cathryn Michon, and directed by Charles Martin Smith (The Untouchables, Dolphin Tale). The direction by Smith is utterly fine within the film, keeping the main target on Bella and her experiences throughout her journey. Where the picture struggles the foremost, a minimum of in terms of visuals, is in the CGI-heavy moments, of which there are a few since CGI is used to bring the young lynx to life, along with the more dangerous moments of the movie. The CGI doesn't blend too seamlessly into the film and it's enough to take the viewer out of it altogether. Perhaps the saving grace of this, though, is that viewers can be assured no animals were ever in danger throughout the filming process (A Dog's Purpose was plagued by animal abuse accusations shortly before its release, though an investigation found no wrongdoing on the film's part). Still, there is very little enough CGI in an exceedingly Dog's manner Home that is not an enormous drawback if the CGI isn't well homogenized with the realism of the picture.

A Dog's manner Home additionally struggles to dexterously tread the road between moving and showing emotion artful story beats. The themes regarding veterans, notably the comfort veterans will receive from dogs, still because the dangers of breed-specific legislation like bans on pit bulls, are interesting ideas to be included in A Dog's Way Home. However, since A Dog's manner house is told mostly from Bella's perspective, these things go over her head for the most part. To be sure, Bella additionally offers a singular perspective into these problems as she will sense the disappointment of the veterans which her presence offers them comfort, and she's sent away by Lucas to avoid Denver's pit bull ban - which incites the main journey of the film. But, once Bella runs away on her quest to travel home, the picture principally abandons these themes. As a result, they're underdeveloped. At worst, these aspects of the movie come off as cheap ploys to emotionally manipulate the audience; at best, they offer some educational value, teaching unaware audience members about breed-specific legislation and therefore the advantages of dogs to veterans.

In terms of the performances, Howard does much of the heavy lifting by being tasked with bringing Bella to life. The histrion nails the eager, excitable voice that we no doubt expect a puppy/young dog to have. There area unit moments once the dialogue, however, can't be rescued no matter how good the performance. In those moments, Howard's earnest performance crosses the line into laugh-out-loud cheesy and it's painfully obvious the audience should not be laughing at some of those emotionally fraught moments. As for the human characters, Hauer-King is charming and likable enough as Lucas, while Judd attempts to bring some depth to her character despite very little screen time.
Ultimately, A Dog's manner house is a pleasant enough expertise. It isn't essentially a rapid classic and if you compare it to similar movies that came before, you'll no doubt find it lacking. Certainly, the emotional manipulation of the plot is apparent to the purpose that viewers will doubtless predict once the tears can come back - tho', to the movie's credit, the tears can come back, so it's successful in its manipulation. Further, there are not very any stakes to Bella's journey. From the beginning of the movie, though bad things happen, A Dog's Way Home has the shiny veneer of a film that only explores darker elements in the most superficial way. A Dog's manner Home hits all the beats viewers would expect from a picture a couple of dog finding her manner home.

Glass (2019) Full HD Movie Free Download

Glass (2019) Full HD Movie Free Download

Glass may be a 2019 yankee superhero heroic tale film written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The film {is a|may be a|could be a} sequel to Shyamalan’s previous films Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016), cumulatively forming the Eastrail 177 {trilogy|trio|triad|triplet} and {serve as|function} {the final|the ultimate} installment for the franchise. Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, {spencer|Spencer|Herbert Spencer|philosopher|sociologist} Treat Clark, and Charlayne Woodard {reprise|reprize|repeat|recapitulate|play|spiel} their Unbreakable roles, {while|whereas} James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy {return|come back|come} as their Split characters, with {sarah|Sarah|wife|married woman} Paulson, Adam David Thompson, and Luke Kirby joining the cast. In the film, David Dunn gets {locked|barred|bolted|fast|latched|secured|fastened} {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a very} {mental hospital|psychiatric hospital|mental institution|institution|mental home|insane asylum|asylum|hospital|infirmary} {alongside|aboard} his once-rival {mr|mister|Mr|man|adult male}. Glass, {as well|also|additionally|further|furthermore|in addition|likewise|moreover|similarly|still|yet} {as the|because the} multi-personality “The Horde,” and {must|should} {escape from|shake|shake off|throw off|escape|get away|break loose} a {psychiatrist|head-shrinker|shrink|specialist|medical specialist} {who|World Health Organization|WHO|United Nations agency|UN agency} is {out to|bent|bent on|dead set|intent on|resolute} prove the trio {do not|don't} {actually|truly|really} possess super-human {abilities|talents|skills}.

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Rating: 7.1/10
Release on: 18 January 2019 (USA)
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Writer: M. Night Shyamalan
Stars: James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson

Glass Returning Cast & New Character Guide

Glass brings together the characters from M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable and Split, whereas additionally increasing the planet. Who's a returning character and who's unaccustomed the cast?
Shyamalan had long titillated a sequel to Unbreakable, however within the finish it free as one thing of a surprise. The split was a horror film stellar James McAvoy as a person with twenty-four completely different personalities that principally befell in one location. But then, in one final twist, a Bruce Willis anaglyph unconcealed it had been bushed constant world. The core plan of this shared universe is that superheroes live among the United States of America, or that people will manufacture themselves in and of itself strictly through the ability of self-belief.
Related: Glass Movie Ending & All Twists Explained

That is the thesis of Glass, the fruits of this trio 20 years within the creating. The new film options some acquainted faces yet as some novel characters, which might all be quite confusing though you've got seen all the previous movies. Here's who's who in the cast of Glass.

Bruce Willis - David Dunn/The Overseer: David has the power to examine the crimes others have committed simply by touching them, godlike strength and stamina, and unbreakable skin, but also a fear of drowning. He currently works together with his son to guard the individuals of the City of Brotherly Love from criminals.

Samuel L. Jackson - Elijah Price/Mr. Glass: Born with Type I osteogenesis imperfecta, meaning his bones fracture easily, Elijah Price is currently incarcerated in a secure mental facility after the extent of his mass murders were discovered. In particular, he caused the Eastrail 177 crash, which no one survived other than David Dunn.

Spencer Treat Clark - Joseph Dunn: Joseph is David's son, WHO has forever believed in his father's powers and regarded him as a superhero. He now works with his father. Aside from Unbreakable, Herbert Spencer Treat Clark is recognizable as Werner von Strucker in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Adrian in the Animal Kingdom.

Charlayne Woodard - Mrs Price: Elijah's mother has forever taken care of her son thanks to his fragility, and firmly believes he's special, no matter what others think of him.
Robin Wright - Audrey Dunn: solely seen in an exceeding picture anaglyph, Wright contends David's married person in Unbreakable.

James McAvoy - Kevin Wendell Crumb/ The Horde: a person with twenty-three terribly distinct personalities, every of that causes his entire being to vary. The 24th personality is The Beast, a super strong, dangerous character who feasts on girls captured by the others. Kevin's different personalities embody Patricia, an orderly, strict English woman, Hedwig, a nine-year-old boy, and Orwell, an introverted man. In Split, one among Kevin's personalities, Dennis, took three girls hostage, intending to sacrifice them all to The Beast. In Glass, McAvoy plays additional personalities than we tend to saw in Split.

Anya Taylor-Joy - Casey Cooke: Casey was kidnapped by The Horde in Split. She was supposed to be sacrificed to The Beast but seeing her broken nature, she was left. She includes a history of statutory offence at the hands of her uncle and self-harm. In Glass, she attempts to help Kevin.
Glass Theory: James McAvoy's Split Character Was In Unbreakable right along
Sarah Paulson - Dr Ellie Staple: a replacement character, however one WHO was doubtless introduced in Split, Dr Staple may be a medical specialist WHO focuses on treating patients with "delusions of grandeur," especially those that area unit convinced they're superheroes. She is head of the ability wherever prophet value is being controlled, and once David and Kevin area unit brought in, she treats them too.

Luke Kirby - Pierce: one among Elijah's security guards, Pierce treats his patient with contempt. Kirby has appeared in an exceedingly kind of movies, including A Dog's Purpose and Take This Waltz.

Adam David Thompson - Daryl: Another of Elijah's guards, Daryl believes he's got a friendly relationship with the patient. Thompson is probably best noted for his key role in Netflix's impious.

Soni (2019) Hindi Netflix Original Web Series Download

Soni (2019) Hindi Netflix Original Web Series Download

Soni is associate 2018 Indian Hindi-language crime drama film edited and directed by debutant Ivan Ayr and stars Geetika Vidya Ohlyan and Saloni Batra. Written by Ayar and Kinsley, the film chronicles the life of a law officer and her superintendent in Old Delhi Police UN agency trot out the cases concerning crimes against ladies. It premiered at intervals the Orrizonti (Horizons) section of the ordinal town International fete receiving a recognition.

Directed by: Ivan Ayr
Produced by: Kimsi Singh, Kartikeya Narayan Singh
Screenplay by: Ivan Ayr, Kislay
Starring: Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, Saloni Batra
Music by: Nicholas Jacobson-Larson, Andrea Penso
Cinematography: David Bolen
Edited by: Ivan Ayr, Gurvinder Singh
Production company: Jabberwockee Talkies, The Film Cafe Production
Distributed by: Netflix
Release date : 8 September 2018 (Venice), 18 January 2019 (Netflix)

Rangeela Raja

Rangeela Raja

 Rangeela Raja is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed by Sikander Bharti and written and produced by Pahlaj Nihalani. Starring Govinda, Mishika chaurasia and Anupama Agnihotri, the film was released on January 18, 2019.


Language - Hindi
Runtime - 2h 42M

Director - Pahlaj Nihalani

Mirzapur season 1- All Episode

Mirzapur  season 1- All Episode

The iron-fisted Akhandanand Tripathi is a millionaire carpet exporter and the mafia don of Mirzapur. His son, Munna, is an unworthy, power-hungry heir who will stop at nothing to inherit his father’s legacy. An incident at a wedding procession forces him to cross paths with Ramakant Pandit, an upstanding lawyer, and his sons, Guddu and Bablu.

Episode  1 JHANDU

Episode  2 GOODA

Episode  3 WAFADAR

Episode  4 VIRGINITY

Episode  5 BHAUKAL

Episode  6 BARFI


Episode  8 TANDAV

Episode  9 YOGYA